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Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.

Clay Spring Concentration March 10 – May 3, 2019
Terry Gess

This workshop is devoted to the skills and techniques of making good pottery. We’ll explore and create using the potter’s wheel and handbuilding techniques. We’ll make lots of pots using wood, gas/salt, and electric kilns at stoneware temperatures with stoneware and porcelain clays. We’ll delve into clay/glaze chemistry, including instruction on simple ways to test glazes. We’ll investigate the long, rich history of pottery, visit nearby potters, and discuss ways of making a living as a potter. Whatever your skill level, the goal of this eight-week intensive is for you to discover, develop, identify, or refine the kind of pottery you want to make as your own. All levels. Code S00CA


Glass Spring Concentration March 10 – May 3, 2019
Matt Eskuche

The goal of this workshop in flameworked glass is to add new techniques and ideas to your practice as you work toward creating a well-considered group of objects or installations by the end of the session. We’ll begin with a survey of techniques and objects that have defined flameworking in recent decades. We’ll cover studio setups, material qualities, and dive into blown forms. We’ll meet individually to assess progress; we’ll discuss design, function, craft, and concept; we’ll view everyone’s work through critiques. Occasional themes will be a catalyst for new directions. Guest artists will bring their ideas and techniques including a one-week intensive with Kit Paulson. I’ve spent many, many days making glass and am eager to share my experience. All levels. Code S00GB

Iron Spring Concentration March 10 – May 3, 2019
David H. Clemons

Indulgence, sustenance, diplomacy, celebration, and even revenge are a few of the many motivations for the act of dining as reflected in our lives and in pop culture. In this workshop, we’ll engage in the design, fabrication, and forging of objects that facilitate and provide ambiance for dining. We’ll cover forging, cutting, welding, forming, pressing, etching, patination, tinning, cold connections, and other techniques. Formats will include flatware, serving vessels, and candle holders. Some metalworking experience will be helpful, but this workshop is open to all levels. Code S00I

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Personal Dining Ware
Metals Spring Concentration March 10 – May 3, 2019
Lola Brooks

This workshop will cultivate your personal repertoire of traditional and experimental metalworking techniques. Working on individual pursuits, we’ll plow and seed our fertile imaginations as we search for a deeper understanding of our personal interest in making small objects and jewelry. Digging into fabrication, we’ll investigate hollow and wire construction, repetitive elements, forming, and a bounty of stone settings. Rotating crops, we’ll explore wax as an alternate means of germinating form. We’ll harvest our wax forms in metal during a fast-paced week of casting with guest teacher Mary Hallam Pearse. After eight weeks our garden will be in full bloom. All levels. Code S00MA

Garden of Earthly Delights
By Gergana Petkova Comments Off on What is Metadata? August 21, 2016

The most widespread definition of metadata has it that metadata is “information about data”. Thankfully, there’s is another way to look at it, apart from the dry description.

A Love Note to the Future

“A love note to the future” is how Jason Scott refers to metadata.

Describing physical and digital objects is what metadata is about. It helps the classification, access and storage of digital assets of all kinds. It is with metadata that the encoding of knowledge within any data element is possible.

Types of Metadata

Metadata comes in many shapes and flavors, carrying additional information about where a resource was produced, by whom, when was the last time it was accessed, what is it about and many more details around it.

Similar to the library cards, describing a book, metadata describes objects and adds more granularity to the way they are represented. Three main types of metadata exist: descriptive, structural and administrative.

Examples of Metadata

Metadata is everywhere, it is the digital trail of everything we do in the information space. The moment we get digital, there’s metadata involved.

Examples of metadata span from the size and the subjects of our emails through the dates of the files we have created, who last accessed or modified them, through the sensor data from our smartphones to the latest movie we searched for on YouTube. Facilitating the navigation and presentation of resources metadata also includes tags, semantic annotations, page numbers, sections of documents and resources, and more.

How Does Metadata Help?

Metadata underlies every digital object and is critical to the way they are managed, organized and used.

When created and handled properly, metadata serves the clarity and consistency of information. Metadata facilitates the discovery of relevant information and the search and retrieval of resources. Tagged with metadata, any digital object can be automatically associated with other relevant elements and thus easy to organize and discover. This helps users make connections they would not have made otherwise.

With metadata you can:

Semantic Metadata: The Metadata That Makes Things Happen Automagically

Metadata is powerful, but semantic metadata is even more powerful.

Semantic metadata (that is metadata expressed with the help of Semantic Technology )makes those “love notes to the future” reach their full potential.

Managing metadata with Semantic Technology in mind makes things happen automagically (to use a word by David Weinberger from his book ).

Semantic metadata makes everything easier to arrange and connect. And when everything is interlinked, elements are more easily remixed, put together, repurposed and ultimately made sense of.

Learn how you can make sense of metadata and transform it into a knowledge discovery tool – Longline Long Sleeve TShirt In Extreme Muscle Fit Kidney Asos Huge Surprise Great Deals Sale Online Clearance Wide Range Of Exclusive 1jFV4
for a free one-on-one talk.

Metadata, you see, is really a love note – it might be to yourself, but in fact it’s a love note to the person after you, or the machine after you, where you’ve saved someone that amount of time to find something by telling them what this thing is.

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