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You also have a lot of perspective on the musician side of things. What should artists have already prepared before they even start knocking on doors of engineers, producers or mixers?

Preparation is a broad topic, but I tell a lot of young bands the same thing. And a lot of times they don’t believe it. Very frequently folks are shy about playing me their very rough, sonically trashed-out demos. And I can say with a resounding scream that it’s never something I’m looking for. I’m not looking for something that sounds like a record already, because that’s the easiest thing for me to work on. I can make something like that sound great in a matter of hours. But for musicians, the best thing to do is have your best foot forward in terms of songwriting and be as specific as you can be about your goals. I don’t care if you’re a solo artist or a band. The most important thing is to know what you want to be. Not that you need to necessarily categorize yourself, but put what you’re going for in your mind. And that can be a million things with a million different influences. I think the artists I gravitate towards the most when it comes to people I want to work for are the ones that really know what they’re about, and have done their homework in terms of being an artist. You should have an established identity and a goal, and you should be able to present a bunch of records you like the sound of.

And you don’t want to have to turn around to a band and tell them what they want, especially in the age of the internet where all this information is readily available.

Absolutely. If you’re a big, thick rock band, but you want a record that sounds like Gnarls Barkley, then cool. That’s what you should be going for. But you need to have that in your mind and your language when you talk about what you’re looking for.

What advice would you give to artists that are trying to select an engineer, producer or mixer? How do they find people of quality like you?

They really just inquire. I like that in the past couple years, bands are just starting to inquire to me. What I can tell anyone is, don’t be afraid to approach veterans. We’re just out there looking for great music, just like everyone else. Sure it happens sometimes that the labels call me and say, “Hey, I’d like you to work with this person.” But 50% of my work now is bands and artists that contact me and say, “Hi, I heard your stuff. I really want to work with you.” And that’s great. I can also tell you that all my compatriots that have been in the industry a long time feel the same. They’ll tell me, “This artist approached me and is great, and I’m going to start working with them.”

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Dr. Gundry reveals the #1 toxic vegetable you should never eat.

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Embattled pizza chain Papa John’s on Friday moved to erase the memory of founder John Schnatter — literally. The chain, with 5,212 locations, said it would remove the 56-year-old executive’s...

July 13, 2018 | 10:08pm

Bank of America agreed on Friday to an eight-figure settlement with a former executive, Omeed Malik, after months of fighting claims it made bogus sexual harassment accusations against him to...

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Phil Shawe is proof you can survive a breakup with your business partner — even if the partner is your ex. Shawe gained control of the “family” business, TransPerfect, earlier...

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Britain’s takeover regulator has decided that Disney must offer 14 pounds ($18.44) a share for Sky if it succeeds in buying Twenty-First Century Fox, in a key ruling in the...

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The CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop is now bearing the brunt of Thursday’s disastrous, international “Pay Your Age Day” promotion. Chief executive Sharon Price John apologized Friday for the ill-planned sales...

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Papa John’s plans to pull founder John Schnatter’s image from marketing materials following reports he used a racial slur. The decision was made by top executives but details of the...

July 13, 2018 | 9:58am

Wall Street’s biggest banks produced a rosy picture of the economy Friday as businesses took out a greater number of loans than anticipated and heightened trading boosted the fortunes of...

July 12, 2018 | 10:11pm

Booze is out and ax-throwing is in. At the country’s most prestigious law firms, the wining, dining and over-the-top wooing of summer associates this year includes a lot less alcohol...
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